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Service - Repair

Digiway-cy can provide expert advice and repair a wide range of your home or business computer and Laptop faults.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • My PC won't boot up
  • My PC is much slower than it used to be
  • I think my hard disk drive has failed
  • I have a new PC but don't know how to transfer my files from the old PC
  • I want to set up a home network but don't know how
  • I think my computer has a virus but I don't know how to remove it
  • I have lots of annoying pop-ups and I don't know how to stop them
  • I think my PC has adware or spyware installed and I don't know how to get rid of it
  • I have lost some data. I need a solution for Data Recovery


With two service stations, Limassol & Larnaca, Digiway-cy can provide solutions for:



PC & Laptop Health Check



Pc and Laptop health check. Our engineers will perform maintenance tasks on your computer helping to improve performance, remove spyware and any virus that may be present.

Pc & Laptop Repair



Pc and Laptop repair. Our engineers can repair hardware and software faults.

Data recovery


Data recovery. If you fear that your hard disk is damaged, don't throw it away! Contact us and we will assess the damage and in many causes we can recover valuable files that you may have thought were lost forever! We can also provide data recovery from ubs sticks, CD,s and Digital Camera's memory stick.

Software rebuilds



Software rebuilds. We can re-install your software which in some cases this can result in a performance boost of up to 400%! In addition, a software rebuild will clean up your computer removing any virus or spyware.

Virus removal


Virus removal. We can remove any virus from your computer and provide practical help and advice to help you prevent computer virus infection in the future. We aslo remove spyware, adware and other unwanted programs.

Hardware upgrades


Hardware upgrades. We offer a wide variety of hardware upgrades including Memory, hard disk drive, CPU and motherboard. These can give your computer a significant performance boost.

Network Solutions


Network Solutions. If you would like to have the benefits of a PC nework at home but don't know where to start. Contact PC Help and we will set it, configured and make it secure. You will enjoy the benefits of shared files, shared printers and shared broadband connections.

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